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A Muddy Day!

Thanks so much Sandy for doing the “Two shall become One” Tuesday! I just love her and her blog!!!! Scroll down for it…..

Hello all! I’m having a real hard time emailing, so I thought I would post here. It seems to work better than email.

We are doing good. The weather was rainy yesterday so everything got cancelled and today it is real foggy so it’s not drying up well. It is supposed to be 88 here on Friday! We have a huge hill right behind the motorhome and the bikes are having a hard time getting up it, especially the 80’s.

Cobra wants us to stay down here for another week and go to a race at Oakhill. We’re thinking about it…I’ll be in touch with some of you when we know more! Sorry Mom(s) we might miss Easter.

Lauren is loving it, especially now that practice has started. She was playing football with the boys last night and couldn’t quite grasp the concept. She thought that she was supposed to slap the guy with the ball until he gave it to her! They didn’t appreciate that, but amazingly, they put up with it!

Phone service is real spotty too, so we will call when we can.

OOOOH! The sun just came out!

Love to all! Sue

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