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Are You Missing the Joy of Honest Communication and Relationships?

Hello! I picked a winner for the contest to win Lysa TerKeurst’s latest book “Unglued.” Congrats to Jenn Soehnlin!!

Today I’m over at the cafe talking about…talking.

Here is an excerpt:

We know how to act in church. We know that if we scream at our kids to hurry up on Sunday mornings or fight with our husbands on the way to church (I have no experience with this whatsoever), we should then put on a happy face as we gently roll into the parking lot. We smile, nod, and share a cup of burnt coffee with a few people that we enjoy and a few others that we would never have in our circle of friends unless there was a huge disaster in our hometown and people were banding together to share food and supplies. We sit down and listen to the speaker but we don’t interact, and sometimes we walk out of church without connecting with a single person.

If you’d like to read more, hop over and please join the conversation

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