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Calling all those in the Plainwell, MI area!

So excited about this Thursday’s Praise and Coffee Night of Worship!!! Details HERE.

I’ve been practicing with the boys of Trinity ftL (for the Lord). I suppose I should’t call them boys but I knew them when they were toddlers! They have become one of the best bands I’ve ever heard. They are incredibly talented and their hearts are set on the Lord (the drummer’s heart is also quite set on my daughter- they are the cutest couple!).

They were really hoping their CD would be out in time for the Praise and Coffee Night however it will be available in the next couple weeks.

If you are in the area, come on out for a night of worship. I can’t wait to see women from all different backgrounds and walks of life, worshipping the One true God in unity!!!

If you can’t come, please lift it up in prayer, I believe it is going to be a powerful evening!

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