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Are you tired of that word yet? It is the “it” word of the day. Change. From the White house to my own house, our nation is in a state of change right now.

I feel pretty safe in assuming that many of you are also in a season of change.

Some changes are huge- moving, major job changes, marriage, divorce, children. Others are smaller, yet meaningful changes. Some changes are internal such as attitudes and dreams.

I believe that the body of Christ is going through changes also. There seems to be a common thread in the conversations that I have with Christians lately. It is a sense that the Lord is calling us closer to Him and that things are starting to shift and shake within our churches. Some of the changes are painful, yet necessary for us to become the “spotless bride” that He will ultimately return for.

One thing is for certain…we’re being taking out of our comfort zones! The Lord is calling us upwards and onwards and it’s rattling our cages a bit! Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not some hyped up person talking about how God is ‘bringing us higher in Him’ and yelling a whole lot of empty promises at you.

My “comfort zone” …

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Our hope is in Him, Sue

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