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Christmas at the Coffee Mill

What a great time we had!!

Trinity ftL did such an awesome job, thank you!

Alison Hodgson then blessed our socks off with a fun and meaningful message that spoke to our hearts.

Here are some of the beautiful women of Plainwell… Thank you Carol Berridge of Berridge Photography for taking such great photos, if any of you want some, click on her website to register and download them.

See you again February 4, 2010!

Thanks Barb for bringing your wonderful candles!!

Goodies donated for Sylvia’s Place…thank you ladies!!

Norma handing out the giveaways!

Thank you Carol for taking all the great pictures!!

Thank you Calico Rabbit for donating this giant snowman for our giveaway!!

Praise and Coffee “Conversations”

Alison Hodgson, we love you!

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