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Clearing Up a Few Things…

Hello friends!

I need to apologize for being so cryptic and confusing yesterday in this post about revenge. I need to clarify a couple things. In my effort to be real with you, to take off the good girl face and let you see a side of me I rarely share online, I seem to have made a mess of how I said some things.

First, the reference to “not writing”…

I have the platform to spew out my side of the story and set the record straight. I have publishers that have asked me to share my story. But as temporarily satisfying as that would be, I won’t. Not now. Not with the current state of my heart.

…was referring to writing about the specific incident that happened 12 years ago and recently stirred up again.

I do not intend to stop writing, I was only saying that I will not be sharing my side of that particular story right now, it would only be self-serving and not benefit anyone at this time. It would be revenge.

Second, regarding the part about taking a hiatus from Praise and Coffee…I want you to understand, I am not burned out, tired or anything of the sort. I’m refreshed and encouraged about the doors that God is opening for Praise and Coffee and for me personally to speak at different events. However, I am always evaluating my involvement, in other words…do I need to hand over certain aspects of it to others? Is it taking too much of my time? There are so many parts to it: the magazine, nights, blog, speaking…etc, which should be my primary focus right now?

Add to that, I am helping out in the office a couple days a week at Lauren’s school. Family is always first to me (NOW…after making some not so good decisions in the past where I put the ministry ahead of my family), so I want to make sure I’ve got my priorities in order.

And also, I want to say thank you. Wow, you poured out the love yesterday. I appreciate all the notes, messages and texts that I received, you made me so thankful.

Today, it’s a new day. Looking forward to heading out to church and having a great day. I hope you do too!

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