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Connecting Beyond the Four Walls of Church

I’m having a great week. My girlfriend Ronel, who is also the National Director for Praise and Coffee, flew in from California on Wednesday.

Since that moment it has been non-stop coffee drinking, sharing stories and Praise and Coffee talk. Denise, my partner with the magazine, came over yesterday too to spend the day with us.

Here we are gathered around my kitchen table with notebooks and iPad’s galore. (Notice Melissa Mashburn is not here, we are missing her!)

I want you to know these girls a little better so I am sharing their recent blog posts. I agree strongly with what both of them are saying and much of our conversation has been about “being the church” beyond the four walls of the building. The girls took to the computer and wrote out some of what we’ve been talking about.

I AMEN both these posts:

Denise’s post: Frustrated With Religion

I realize some of this may not be popular, but the status quo is not working…women especially are searching for real life connection and purpose as Christians.

If any of this resonates with you, you will love the magazine that’s coming out this month. New ideas, new motivation and tools to reach out to the women God has in your life (hopefully the ones outside your church!).

Have a great weekend!

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments, Sue

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