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Decking the Halls


It’s that time of year again, here’s a peek into the Cramer Christmas pad.

It’s looking like it will be a white Christmas here in Michigan, yay!

Our First Christmas 1987, can hardly believe I just celebrated 21 years with my best friend.

Lot’s of joy in this house!

Lauren doing the Jingle Bell Rock.

One of my favorite decorations, this picture of a snowman ~ “praising the Lord”! All he needs is a cup of hot coffee…well maybe a vanilla bean frappacino instead…

The family room.

The living room.

And because so many of you have been asking about the Christmas Gala that I spoke at, here is a picture of when I told the story of my Worship Accident The evening was wonderful, what an amazing bunch of women! They were precious. And the best part was that no one

threw any shoes at me!!

And here is the reason that we fuss and bother, though sometimes we forget. I pray that we would not leave the precious baby in the manger, but embrace Him in our hearts and lives forever.

Thank you for stopping by Praise and Coffee today.

I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks Boomama for doing all the work once again!

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