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Did you notice what I missed this month??

Those of you that are very observant probably noticed that I completely missed this month’s Praise and Coffee Giveaway.

Yup, I’m a loser! But to make it up to you I am going to do an extra giveaway for June. I will pick two winners and the second one will receive a Praise and Coffee “Inspired” mug of their choice.

My brain went on haitus because my Mom’s been in the hospital. I haven’t talked about it online because it’s not my story to tell, but I will say that she is doing much better and we are hopeful that her health will continue to improve.

It has been a really hard couple weeks. Some scary times for sure.

And between running to Grand Rapids (a 45 minute one-way drive) everyday and shuffling Lauren around, my brain was distracted and frankly I didn’t have time to stop and write about anything.

Although, I wore out the battery everyday while texting on my iPhone, my thumbs are in great shape, they could win a marathon, seriously, I would hang a little sash right on them if they won.

In the mean time I want to thank the sweet ladies of the Otsego Church of God for having me speak at their Women’s Wellness Day.

When I saw on the flyer that they billed me as “A dynamite inspirational speaker!” I was worried…I wasn’t sure I had anything explosive except emotion flowing through me. But I begged God to pour Himself out of me for them because on my own, I had nothing to offer.

And in true form…He did. The Father poured His love out on those ladies and I don’t say that with any pride because I know it was all Him…especially when my words ministered to my own tired and hurting heart. He’s so faithful!

Here is my new banner for Praise and Coffee Nights, what do ya think??

Just wanted to update you on my temporary leave of absence. If you emailed me, I will get to it…just might take a while to catch up!

Thanks so much to all of you wonderful girlfriends out there, I truly love ya!

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