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Does He Rule My Brokenheart?

Psalm 147:3 3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. NIV Let’s look at some definitions in this very powerful verse in the Strong’s concordance.

Heals= OT:7495 rapha’ (raw-faw’); or raphah (raw-faw’); a primitive root; properly, to mend (by stitching), i.e. (figuratively) to cure: KJV – cure, (cause to) heal, physician, repair, thoroughly, make whole.

Broken = OT:7665 shabar (shaw-bar’); a primitive root; to burst (literally or figuratively): KJV – break (down, off, in pieces, up), broken ([-hearted]), bring to the birth, crush, destroy, hurt, quench, tear

Heart = OT:3820 leb (labe); a form of OT:3824; the heart; also used (figuratively) very widely for the feelings, the will and even the intellect; likewise for the centre of anything: KJV – care for, comfortably, consent, considered, courag [-eous], friend [-ly], ([broken-], [hard-], [merry-], [stiff-], [stout-], double) heart ([-ed]), heed, I, kindly, midst, mind (-ed), regard ([-ed)], themselves, unawares, understanding, well, willingly, wisdom.

Bind= OT:2280 chabash (khaw-bash’); a primitive root; to wrap firmly (especially a turban, compress, or saddle); figuratively, to stop, to rule: KJV – bind (up), gird about, govern, healer, put, saddle, wrap about. Wounds= OT:6094 `atstsebeth (ats-tseh’-beth); from OT:6087; a idol; also, a pain or wound: KJV – sorrow, wound.

In other words, Psalm 147:3 says: So, He mends, repairs, makes whole our broken, crushed, quenched, destroyed heart, which is our feelings, our will our intellect- the center of our being. And He binds up, wraps firmly, to stop the bleeding, to rule and govern our wounds and sorrows.

OH! Isn’t He wonderful?! Don’t you just love HIM?! How is it that we are so blessed to have a God that loves us so much!

That word “govern”, really jumps out at me.

Healing is a journey. As we see that, to bind up is: to govern and rule– the journey starts with receiving healing and then continues as He rules our hearts- the very center of our beings.

Selah my friend. Don’t forget to enter the free drawing for Christmas Praise and Coffee! Click HERE to enter the November drawing!

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