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Don’t Feed Your Husband Dog Food


Thank you all that filled out the surveys last week, they touched my heart in so many ways. They really ranged in response. Some of you are happy and content with your marriage and some of your hearts are breaking more every day. My heart broke to read some of your words. I will be using your input to write these articles every week.

One of the things I want to share with you today is about marriage conferences. I would encourage every couple, whether they are in their honeymoon stage or two days away from divorce court- attend a conference!

You will never regret applying your heart to learn more about marriage.

My husband and I have attended several and were never in a postition to NEED to go. But, just like we go to the doctor for check-ups or take in our car for a tune-up, our marriage can benefit from regular “maintenance.”

Here is a link to some very popular and good conferences from Family Life, Weekend to Remember Conferences, see if there is one in your area soon. There are so many in the month of February!

Here is a link to an article that I think will really surprise and bless you: She Fed Her Husband Dog Food I am praying for our marriages, and I want you to know that marriage was God’s idea, when you are struggling- go first to Him, He knows best how to fix it. I believe it- I’ve seen it!

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