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Don’t Miss Life While Stuck in the Rut of Tradition

Fitness outside

I love Sunday morning runs.

They have a whole different feel from the everyday run, mostly because of the cars that pass by.

A moving van, I imagine it’s an exciting day for someone, a brand new house and a new community. Then my mind wanders, what if it’s tragic and they never wanted to move, a divorce or another lost job. I always choose the picket fence story, welcoming the young family with 2 little ones and a beaming woman 2 months away from adding the 3rd to their picture perfect family. Hey, it’s my mind and it’s Sunday, let me have my Hallmark moment if I want to.

This morning I noticed something interesting.

An SUV with a kayak on top loaded with a man, woman and kids in the back seat, their faces all smiles and I could sense the excitement as they went on their excursion.

I also saw several cars and SUV’s pass with a man, woman and children, nicely dressed but no smiles. Their stoic expressions and blank stares caught my attention. A wife numbly looking out her side window, a bored husband in his button down shirt and tie, so different from the ones with a kayak on top of their car.

I imagine they are off to church.

It gets me thinking about the obligation of church and how easy it is to fall into the rut of tradition and miss the moments in time that only a weekend together as a family can give us.


Maybe I read them all wrong, I guess I’ll never know.

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