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Earthquake felt in Michigan!

I was shaken awake this morning by an earthquake! Actually it centered about 400 miles south of here at 5.4 in Southern Illinois. I hope everyone there is ok.

Mark left around 5 AM to go to Michigan International Speedway to ride in a Sprint car, so he was gone.

My bed shook and my dresser handles were rattling. I stood up and felt it moving below me, I went out into the hall and Steph’s door was rattling in the hinges. I called Mark and he was like…O…K…. (she’s crazy…) I was so glad the news confirmed it soon after!

A couple of weeks ago there was a tornado 2 miles away, now an earthquake. What’s next?! 🙂

I have a Friday Fluff post, I’ll try to get it out a little later…….(it may be a Saturday Stuff post!)

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