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Fear, Intimidation, Depression…it may be Jezebel

Ever struggle with depression, loss of vision, fear, intimidation??

I sure have. I’ve come up against this several times but it’s so sneaky and robed in such a “spiritual” attitude that sometimes it catches me off guard.

While doing some research for a project, I ran across this article. I have studied “Jezebel” in the past, but this article is VERY good at explaining the story and spirit of Jezebel in the world today.

“Jezebel’s witchcraft will attack key leaders in her targeted area through intimidation. Those under attack may awaken one morning to find it takes effort just to breathe. All joy seems to depart. Spiritual life seems irrelevant. Demonic voices will echo in their minds “something’s wrong with you!” They may suddenly find themselves in unreasonable anxiety, fearing tragedy or death. Much of what is called “depression” in the ministry is simply Jezebel!”

Here is the eye-opening article: The Spirit of Jezebel

I thought it was very interesting how he connected the way this feminist-type attitude is the same one working in society and the church.

I don’t think it is just about “leadership” though, we all have a call on us to reach out to others and the enemy hates that.

One thing I want to add is that this cannot become about finger-pointing unless we are looking in a mirror because this spirit and attitude can only work against us if we respect what man thinks over respecting what God thinks. When we know who we are as a child of God, nothing or no one can cause us to be intimidated. When I realize this is happening in my life it brings me to a place of repentance for letting myself get wrapped up in fear (intimidation) instead of trusting God. Perfect love casts out fear. Once again, love never fails. If you know someone who has the characteristics of Jezebel, pray for them, God will take care of others problems, we need to focus on our own.

If you see yourself in this, go to God and He will restore you.

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