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Freestyle Faith

Ronel and I met online over 10 years ago, she was one of the first subscribers to this blog of random thoughts on faith and family. Even with over 2,000 miles between us we became fast friends. We were both in a season of feasting on the busy-ness of church life and women’s ministry yet starving for authentic connection. Each of us have flown back and forth to catch up over a cup of coffee and even shared a few speaking events through the years. I love tag-team speaking with Ronel, she is extremely easy going and always has insight that makes you pause.

I have to warn you, if you enjoy being stuck in a rut of mediocrity and hiding in a crowd afraid to step into your truest self, this book is not for you. Ronel did not write this to make you feel warm and fuzzy for 10 minutes and then let it sit boringly on your shelf and gathers dust. Freestyle Faith is written for the woman who wants more from her life. More joy, more fulfillment, more of Jesus. Not the religious Jesus in the picture on the wall whose eyes follow you around the room, but the Jesus who looked at the most hated man in town and called him out of a tree so he could go to his home for dinner. The Jesus who told the local pastors that *“people look at you and think you’re saints, but beneath the skin you’re total frauds.” The Jesus who would not throw stones or even insults at the woman who was clearly guilty of the darkest of sins.

This book will call you out of comfort zones into deeper places of truth. It will shift you away from a complacent-agreeable life that has kept you stuck for longer than you want to admit. Ronel gives you permission to be fully who you were created to be and the tools to guide you through the process.

I have known Ronel long enough to trust her heart and her intentions of this book. She is passionate about helping women not only become who they were meant to be, but also recognize that the journey is the most important part. Freestyle Faith is power-packed with quote worthy material and tidbits of wisdom woven through it. Savor each Conversation around a table with friends or tucked away in your quiet place as you discover who you really are and how to love and appreciate yourself as much as the Father does.

Available now on Amazon:  Freestyle Faith

Check out Ronel’s page here: Ronel Sidney

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