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Friday Favorites

Ok, welcome to the first edition (though I make no promises for a weekly segment) of Friday Favorites. Just a few things that I’ve found in my world that I want to share with you. A little fun and a bit of thought for the weekend.

Midwest Living

It’s no secret that I love magazines, and this is one of my faves! It makes me appreciate this beautiful area I live in and stirs me to hop in the truck and drive to see all that I’m missing. Or skip to the kitchen and experiment with the 34 gooey S’more recipes. Read Midwest Living here.

My new nail polish (yes, the ends are already worn…)

I have always had a French manicure but recently started to branch out in color and I love love love this new color. It’s OPI’s Designer series: Extravagance.

As you can see it is stop-traffic gorgeous.

My puppy. Actually, my Grand-puppy. Zoey

She’s had a rough week with a trip to the vet for shots and an ear situation that made her look a little lopsided for a while. She’s doing just fine now but really didn’t want to be bothered for this picture. She needs her beauty sleep.

One more thing…

The story of the woman caught in adultery from John 8.

I shared this with the girls at our local Praise and Coffee last night. I can not get enough of this story. The more I study it, the more it unfolds with the depth of Jesus love for us. As he looks at her and asks where her accusers are and she says they’ve all left, I’m overcome with the sense of relief for her and all of us.

Jesus stood there, the only one truly qualified to cast the stones and he pardons her. He pardons us. Can I live every day with that love? I want to.

But sometimes I walk back to that place, pick up the cold stones and beat myself with them, and I know some of you do too. Why do we allow our hands to warm those stones? It can only be because we forget the peace that once flooded our soul as we were pardoned. We let our own minds and the words of others drown out the cry of mercy.

I want us to stop that. I want us to listen to mercy.

After all, not one of us is qualified to cast the stones.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! What are some of your favorite things?

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