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Friday Fluff

The other day I was having a “discussion” with my 16 year old daughter and as she left the room I jokingly said, “you better watch it or I’m gonna spank you!”

Lauren looked at me with amazement …I could see it in her eyes, oh what a joy it would be to see someone else get a whooping!

Then she ran up to her bedroom and hurried back down the stairs, she came up to me with a wooden spoon in her hand and said, “here Mom, I found this under my bed.”

She’s such a little helper 🙂


Ok, I’m going to confess. On Christmas day we played a cruel joke on Lauren. As she unwrapped her gifts…well first-get this picture. The six of us are sitting around the Christmas tree. Two brothers ages 20 & 18, one 16 year old sister, Mark and I and of course-the center of attention-Lauren.

So she’s opening her gifts and as she sets them aside to move on to the next, one of the older kids would grab that gift and sneak into the other room, put it in Sam’s (the German Shepherd pup) kennel. Then they would say, “Lauren, where is your __________?” everyone would look around and someone would suggest that maybe Sam took it, and she should go check the kennel. So she would run in the other room, to find her toy in the dog kennel and yell, SAM! She would grab her toy, bring it back and the whole cycle would begin again with another toy. All the while Sam is minding her own business gnawing on a bow in the corner.

We all got the biggest kick out of it, but it has served to bring a little contention between she and Sam. To this day, when she walks out of a room, she makes me promise not to let Sam get the toy that she is playing with at the time.

I’m surprised she hasn’t brought the wooden spoon out for Sam.


Life is never dull around here. God has been so good to our family, I’m grateful everyday.

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