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Friday Fluff and other random happenings

So here’s my conversation with Lauren the other day… Lauren: I haf to poop! Me: Ok, go to the bathroom. Lauren: Mom…I at school…I say, “I haf to go baf-room”…I at home I say, “I haf to go poop!” Me: (giggling) yes, that’s right…we don’t say poop at school (we have worked on this one after some very embarrassing moments in Walmart) Lauren : (big smile) poop…poop…poop! (as she runs to the bathroom).

Hey, poop happens.


Oh, did I ever tell you (if I did please stop me) about the time that Lauren was “helping me” clean up the house? She was so proud to be wiping down the tables with her little swifter. It was pre-pronoun days for her, so she would say “help Mommy” ie: “I am helping Mommy.” And she repeats it over and over…kind of like the poop thing.

She was so pleased with herself that she ran down the stairs to tell her brothers. I did not realize this until one of them came racing up the stairs to see what was wrong with Mommy.


Word is getting out girls! I was sitting at Lauren’s gymnastics class and this sweet woman who I see every week but have never spoken with, says, “I heard about your Praise and Coffee Night.” She was at the coffee shop and they gave her one of the postcards and told her about it. She checked out my blog and recognized me. She is a woman’s director at a church that I planned to invite. Isn’t that cool?

Also, there is a special guest coming…well, you’re all special…but this one will be sharing some encouraging words with us.

She’s a blogger, she’s an author, she’s a friend and sometimes she can be a bit irritable…any guesses??? Give a guess in the comments, Ali- not you, you already know. 🙂

So, I was thinking about how fun it is to get together with women. I’ve led women’s ministry for so long and always been a facilitator of women’s get-togethers. I’ve hung out with some fun women.

They are not only fun , they are funny. I’ve learned that if there are more than 4 moms in a room…for any reason…somehow the conversation always turns to child bearing. One women mentions the birth of a child and it’s ON. It brings up story after story of water breaking, pain, lots of DRUGS, and gory details of things that should not be spoken of in public.

This is especially cruel if done at a baby shower…the poor mommy-to-be. She has to sit and listen while fear builds in her heart. And then without a doubt someone will look at her (sweat beading down her face) and say…’oh but I’m sure yours will be nothing like that’. The mommy-to-be indulges in a little more spinach dip and chocolate covered strawberries. Why not, according to these women, she’s about to encounter a fate worse than death.

But if talking abour birth brings us together for some laughs, game on. I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of girl-talk on November 20th at the Plainwell Coffee Mill.

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you and hanging with old friends.

Have a great weekend!

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