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Friday Fluff and other random happenings…

It’s been a while, but I had a few things to throw out today, so here goes.

********** Do any of you with little ones have to lock up your tape?

I mean, it might as well be a loaded weapon the way I have to hide this stuff!

First of all, I don’t want her to get cut on the dispenser, but worse of all is where she puts the tape. I still have yet to find a razor blade to get it off my glass sliding door, and the dog is none too happy about seeing her coming with a big wad in her hand and a skip in her step!


Over the 4th of July we were at a Pro National/Amateur motocross race. It’s kind of the “Woodstock” of motocross. As these things go, people do some very crazy things. Two very beautiful young girls decided to make some money and do some advertising for the vendors. They donned their tiniest bikini’s and used the uncovered space on their bodies to write the names of vendors and walked around all day…”advertising.” I was sitting at our picnic table with a group of little boys when they walked by. One of the boys said, “Did you see those girls??!!” I thought, oh no, here we go. Another said “yeah!”

Then, “that is PERMANENT MARKER!!!” I just had to giggle.


Ok, this would go under the…you know you’re having a bad day when: Woman Gives Birth on Front Lawn


Lauren-isms… When we brought Lauren home from China a year and a half ago, she was two years old. Due to the cleft palate, she did not speak much at all. She understood Chinese but couldn’t speak it.

She quickly caught on to understand English, but still could not speak it well. So I started one word at a time teaching her sign language. She picked it up right away and would tell us when she was hungry or wanted milk, etc. We made up a lot of signs for things like family members and she made up a few of her own signs for other things.

We have been taking speech class this year and her speech has improved dramatically. I can understand most of what she says and will interpret for others if they are not sure.

For her Dad, she calls him “Daddy-o” not sure why the “o” but now we all call Mark “Daddy-o.”

For the word OK, she says “oh-day.” And it is usually said with a big sigh attached as she asks for a treat or to do something fun and I tell her, “later.” OH-DAY!

Lately she will come up to me out of the blue and say…

“I me-member you!”

The other day we were in a public bathroom and someone walked into the stall next to us. This is usually the time that she says loudly…”who that?!” To which I try to quiet her and get about our business.

However this time, I was able to head her off and I motioned her to be quiet.

She leaned forward to peak under the stall and then looked at me knowing that she should be quiet and signed the word “shoes.”

(I promise, I did not take this picture!)

It was so funny because she hasn’t signed that one in a long time and I wouldn’t have thought she remembered it, but she did and she couldn’t hold back some sort of response to our neighbor in the bathroom.

Now that she’s 4 we’ve been working hard on teaching her to say the word four because everyone asks her how old she is. The letter “f” is a tough one for her, so we sit in front of a mirror and practice. Now, when asked how old she is, she says fuf-fuh-fuh…door!

One more thing about that…the other day we ran into and old friend of mine so I introduced her, and Lauren’s first question was, “how old are you?” I guess she figures, that must just be the right thing to say when you meet someone!

Hope you have a great weekend!!! Sue

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