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Friday Fluff and other random happenings…

I had the pleasure of meeting a blog friend yesterday!

Karen Hossink of

Surviving Motherhood was speaking at a MOPS meeting in my area so I met her there and then we went to lunch.

I had such a nice time. Karen is just a doll and as you can see, she’s the cutest little thing!

We had some awesome “girl time” and talked all about our kids, family and faith while having lots of laughs in the process!

I hope we get to meet up again sometime, she’s the real deal and if you get a chance, go meet her at her blog and get her book while you’re there! Her message to the MOPS group was so honest and encouraging.

Her book called “Confessions of an Irritable Mother.”

It is a must read for anyone with young ones in the home!!


Speaking of young ones in the home…

Here are some pictures that Lauren’s big sister took of her while Mom was gone!

Can you see the love on Macy’s face?!

(Disclaimer: No animals or children were hurt in the taking of these pictures.)

Riding her “motorcycle.”

She “cased” it on a jump in the garage!

Being silly!!!

Oh my joy! She keeps life fun!

As Karen and I talked about yesterday, we have to enjoy these days…they go by so quickly!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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