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Friday Fluff and other random happenings…

I’m the glove on the right…

Seriously! We are in a “lake effect” zone and it just keeps coming. I’m so looking forward to spring!!


I saw this headline the other day in the local news:

“Numerous semi-trucks collide, cow gets loose.”

I hate it when that happens!

I looked online and found a few more good ones for ya:

Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers

Milk drinkers are turning to powder

Smokers are productive, but death cuts efficiency

Blind woman gets new kidney from dad she hasn’t seen in years

If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last Awhile

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges

Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge


So, what kind of incentive do you use to motivate your children to behave?

I’ve used (of course these must be spoken with great enthusiasm):

…(at the grocery store) I’ll let you ride the dinosaur if you behave! …(at the grocery store) we’ll go to McDonald’s after this if you’re good! …if you give Mommy a couple more minutes on the computer I’ll let you put on a bandaid!

And one that I’m about to use tonight…

…if you sleep in your own bed, I’ll buy you a pony!


So, yes, something has come between Mark and I. It is 3 foot tall and filled with enthusiam.

Last night, I put her to bed. She was fine for a while, but then decided she was done in her bed so she cried. Then she screamed. Then she cried again, this time with big alligator tears.

She falls apart into this heap of heaving, sobbing, weeping child, looking at me with those “don’t you remember that I was an orphan” eyes.

I finally can’t take it anymore so I bring her in my room and lay her on my bed. (Stop with the look- I wanted to see the end of Apprentice!)

She giggles with glee!

I’ve been had.


I have another wonderful website to share with you.

It is full of fun! From great deals on all kinds of things for ladies like you and I, to giveaways! And on top of it all, Melody is just a sweet thing and fun to be around!

Jump over there for a visit! You’ll quickly become a friend!

Our hope is in Him! Love, Sue

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