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Friday Fluff and other random happenings


There, are you happy now? I made a Friday Fluff button. 😛

I have to tell you though, I am not promising that I can do a Friday Fluff post every Friday. We will be traveling again soon and though that may give me fodder to write about, I may not be able to punch it out every week. But when I do…this is the button! Feel free to take it and use it on your blog if you also do a Friday Fluff thingy. You don’t need to link it, just feel free to use it!


So we have come to the conclusion that Lauren will be a soccer player, she can kick and head butt with the best of them. We have to dose her with Benadryl before she plays however because she seems to be most on her game at 3 AM while fast asleep in our bed.

EDITED to add: my husband pointed out to me that this may make it sound like we give her Benadryl to sleep- I assure you we don’t. I was saying that she does her best moves while sleeping, so she may need the medicine if her game is during the day.


The other day I was getting ready to go to the store and I thought to my self, ‘oh my back hurts, I need to call the chiropractor.’

A few minutes later I looked in the mirror and noticed way too many gray hairs and thought, ‘I’d better get a hold of Char to touch that up.’

As I was washing my hands I noticed my nails and thought, ‘I need to get a hold of Janice to get these nails filled.’

It was at that moment I realized…oh mercy…I have handlers.


I was recently reminded of a time that I went to Walmart. I had this very hip pair of black shoes on. While at Walmart, the wooden heel of said shoe came loose but did not fall off so it was hanging there. With every step I took it made a loud clunking sound.

With the squeaking of the cart and the cluncking of the shoe, I sounded like a 4th grade band walking down the aisles.


Lauren is really progressing in her speech. However, she has not learned the proper placement for words such as: who, what, where, when and how. Instead she uses the word “why” for all of the above. As if a 3 year old does not say “why” enough, she uses it 5 X as much as any other 3 year old. For instance: “Lauren (I yell up the stairs so I can find out if she’s in her bedroom or has snuck into my room)?” “Why?” she yells back.

(me to Lauren) “Guess who’s coming over today?!” (Lauren) “Why!”

(me) “Look what I bought for you at the store!” (Lauren) “Why?!”

You get the picture.


Lauren loves the song I posted a few days ago, ‘Trading My Sorrows’. She asks me to play it really loud! Her favorite part is the la-la’s. She will sing and spin in a circle singing la-la-la-la….

As I look at that little girl that has been through so much in her 3 1/2 years, filled with joy and singing, I realize that she is the one who has rescued me, not the other way around.


One more thing. I am so thrilled to be praying for some blogging friends that will be traveling to Africa for Compassion International. They leave this Sunday.

Let’s pray for them as they take this amazing trip!

Here’s a link to learn more about it.

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be drawing for the February Giveaway on Sunday.

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