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Fun Graduation Party Ideas

1. Put up a video camera on a tri-pod and hit record for the party. Also, make a sign that asks the guests to say a few words to the graduate, it will be lots of fun watching this later!

2. FOOD! Be creative with food. It’s ok to step away from the ham and cheese sandwiches.

  1. Baked potato and salad bar

  2. Taco bar

  3. Appetizer and Dessert party

  4. Brinner! Breakfast for dinner is a fun buffet that people love.

  5. Search Pinterest! I have a board all set up with a bunch of great ideas and you can find that on my website.

3. Decorations:

  1. Dollar stores are your friend! You can find all kinds of great stuff there: lawn signs, balloons, plates, etc

  2. An easy table decoration: Colored M & M type candies that you can find right in the bulk food section

  3. Pick out your child’s school colors and add a few curly ribbons around them and call it good!

4. Stressing about getting the house ready? Have a destination party: host the party at a local hotel or restaurant. A local venue is ideal if you plan to have a large number of guests at the party.

5. Theme Party: Base the whole party around a sport or activity that your graduate loves. Video games, TV Shows, Twitter, travel, music, COFFEE…whatever they enjoy.

Another fun idea to have at a graduation party is get the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”…by Dr. Seuss and have all the guests attending sign the pages as a keepsake for the graduate.

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