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Graceful She Ain’t

So Denise wrote these wonderful blog posts about our evening with David Baldacci, famous author that we had never read.

She did an awesome job, please go there and read all about it: Part 1 Part 2 But she did not mention my epic fail as a women of grace…that I never said I was.

When I came back from having David sign my new copy of True Blue, his latest best seller, I sat down in true “Sue” form and slammed my knees in to the table leg.

Thankfully no one was at the table at the moment.

Except our drinks.

Our cider punch and coffee.

Did I mention we were at a very nice Country Club?

So here’s the dark side of the evening that Denise failed to mention.

Just call me Grace.

Now what are you waiting for, hop over there and read about our crazy, onlycouldhappentous, kind of evening!

I have to edit this to add that apparently David Baldacci is also aware that we are posers. See THIS.

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