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Greetings from Sunny Florida!

When we left Michigan we had snow flurries, now Lauren is running around in shorts!

I’m a Northern girl, so this is going to be very strange for me to be enjoying such warm weather on Thanksgiving. Therefore, I have vowed to watch Elf, The Grinch and any other Christmas movie I can find, and then to listen to Christmas music all the way home, just to make sure I get myself ready for the season!

In the meantime I will be enjoying my new jogging stroller and getting some exercising- walkingNOT running…my opinion is that unless you are being chased, you never run once you’ve hit 40 years old. Things just bounce different and it’s not pretty!

For some inspiration, I want to leave you with a link to a post I did when I first started posting. It’s one of my favorites although most of you haven’t read it.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I am looking forward to service here at the racetrack tonight! Blessings,

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