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Has Pornography Found it’s Way Into Your Home?


Ok girls, let’s talk. This is a tough one. I know that those of you affected by this have probably not talked to many people- if anyone about it.

It’s the awful secret of pornography.

My heart has been burdened by the things that women have shared with me. Through your emails and sometimes face to face, your pain is evident and overwhelming. It’s the thing that you think about sometimes from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. You feel hurt and rejected. You question your own womanhood.

Your heart has been broken by the secret life of your husband, and you can’t talk to anyone about it. You don’t want people to look at him differently. You feel that if you just keep up the facade of a happy little home…somehow it will all be ok. After all, somehow it must be your fault anyway. (Not true of course, but that’s the lie that screams in your mind.)

What I want to do this week is give you the opportunity to pour out your heart anonymously. I am setting my comments to “moderate” and I will not be posting any of them unless you write “YES, post this” at the beginning of your post. And if you share anything about your personal story that you want me to share, make sure you have discussed it with your husband and he doesn’t mind you sharing.

You may send them anonymously or use your ID, I have a sitemeter but I truly have no way to really track who you are and I have so many local readers now that I don’t know who anyone is anymore.

I would like to know your story. Tell me how you have dealt with this (if you have) and what has been an encouragment to you?

Next week, I plan to share some of what you have already told me and will share (still keeping it anonymous of course) and how the Lord has brought you through.

The plain truth is that this is hard to say- let’s have a small group! But at the same time, your hurting and needing some encouragment.

For now, let me say…YOU are precious. YOU are beautiful. The Lord longs for you to see yourself as He does. He also loves and adores your husband.

I’m praying for our marriages.

Edited to add: I have closed comments to this post but feel free to email me.

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