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Here’s Sam

We have a new member in the Cramer pod. She’s black, with sharp little teeth and a tad on the naughty side. But her sweet temperament and the fact that she’s not had any accidents in the house, make her a keeper.

Samantha, Sam for short, met the cat yesterday. I’m thinking she’s never seen a cat. She howled and screamed louder than Hillary after Obama won the nomination. It was pathetic and now the cat thinks he’s big stuff. Oh just wait Simba, just wait. Sam is full blooded shepherd and I have a feeling she’ll change the pecking order within a couple of months.

Here is Lauren causing sibling rivalry as she hands the pup Macy’s ball.

Ok, let me explain. I was trying to blog and Lauren crawled into Sam’s kennel to play. I promise that I had nothing to do with it, and it is not locked!

~sigh~ You can clearly see, as could Lauren, that Sam does not like her kennel. Once again, it was the Hillary howl.

Gotta love kids and dogs.

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