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Hot Topic ~ Infidelity

Hello Ladies!

Let’s talk.

Here’s a hot topic for us…

Infidelity. In light of the recent news about Arnold and Maria and his failings in their marriage…what do you think?

Would you forgive and continue in your marriage?

At what point do you draw the line and say, I’m done.

Or, how do you walk out forgiveness?

My heart aches for those of you that have actually faced this form of betrayal. I believe it is one of the deepest hurts a woman can bear.

I pray that if it is you, you would find wholeness and healing in the arms of the Lord. He loves you. He is the answer to our brokeness.

So…without judgement or condemnation of how any woman would handle such a thing…how do you feel about it personally?

Let’s chat about it…comment here or on FB.

Much love, Sue

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