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How Can We Help Our Kids Do Well in School

This is good news for REAL moms!

Tutors are great but studies show that the best students are not ones with tutors but instead a strong family support makes a child a better learner.

It turns out that the family environment is crucial in forming good habits early on in a child’s life. Who’da thought?!

Here are a few ways we can help our kids do well in school:

1. Give them a place to study and do homework. Try to keep the noise to a dull roar distractions to a minimum and as much as possible have it be a consistent time each day.

That being said…this REAL mom has practiced spelling words in the car on many occasions.

2. We’ve talked about this a few times but it bares repeating…communicate with your kids, ask them how things are going in their classes. Which classes do they struggle in, which class is their favorite and why.

3. Communicate with teachers, find out if homework is getting turned in and how they feel your child is doing in class. And as your child see you doing this, the accountability may be good incentive to work harder.

4. Help your kids learn HOW to study. This will really help them as they get older. If you’ve ever been super tired like me at the end of a day (like I was in this post) and then you realize that they didn’t do their homework and you are tempted to just give them the answers, because I have not that I’ve done that… but we really shouldn’t. A better (more patient and rested) parent will teach them how to find the answers. 🙂

5. And the most important (well not really but it seems that the last one should always be the most important) remain supportive even when they struggle.

Homework is not ever always a fun time of the day, but investing in our kids is worth it! Real moms like you and I can make a huge difference, in fact the MOST difference in our kids education. I’d love to hear any tips you have! Sue

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