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I ask a lot of my pantyhose…

Wow, what a crazy week! I’ve been running around trying to get ready to go away to a writer’s conference this weekend. Any moms out there that can relate to the “preparing to leave” routine?! Laundry, food and all the extra little emergencies that we try to prepare for.

  1. Make sure they don’t run out of dog food.

  2. Tell them where the dog food is.

  3. Buy plenty of cereal…the boys can survive on cereal for weeks if need be.

  4. Tell them where the cereal is.

  5. Wash everyone’s underwear…they can deal with a lot, but no underwear becomes a crisis.

  6. Tell them where the underwear is.

  7. Remind them again about the dog food.

(In my husband’s defense, he is AWESOME! He does take care of everything and they are all in good hands…and Lauren is thrilled to have Daddy all to herself for a couple days!)

And then there is the fun of preparing my own clothing choices. Now that it’s a new season, everything has to be tried on and tested again. Not sure if you knew this, but in Michigan clothing can shrink from season to season.

So I put on an outfit that I really like, but it’s just a bit snug…you know….the “Michigan thing.” But I tell myself, it will be fine when I put pantyhose on. Then I realize…I ask A LOT of my pantyhose. Truly, they are expected to preform like no other piece of clothing or accessory. I can honestly tell you that if the pantyhose decide to get lazy on the job, somebody could get hurt. Just saying.

I was also busy sending out 25 Praise and Coffee Leader Packets to women who want to start them in their communities around the nation. From Maine to Arizona, women are busting out the Praise and Coffee and I am just thrilled to be a part of it! I hope to get to travel to many of them this next year!!

I am heading to Florida on October 28th to do a Praise and Coffee Night in Ft. Lauderdale with Melissa from Mel’s World. She’s a long-distance blogging girlfriend that I just can’t wait to meet in person. I think we will have hours of conversation and lots of laughs, just like girlfriends should!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I’ll let you know how the conference goes and most importantly, how the pantyhose hold out. Pray for me (or should I say, THEM).

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