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I’m a Winner…twice!

I was so blessed by Bev Brandon , she sent me a gift subscription to domino magazine!

I can’t wait to receive it in the mail!! I love magazines.

Then I won a book at Beth Vogt’s Writing Road! It’s called Writing Motherhood and it’s by Lisa Garrigues.

I have just started reading it and just in the preface it’s hitting me square between the eyes!

I want to share a little with you:

The author is sharing how she has so many reasons (excuses) not to write an article.

“As I sat poised to pen the next reason I could not write the article, I remember a story I had read in Georgia Heard’s memoir, Writing Toward Home, about a rafting trip her friend had taken one July down the Rio Grande in Taos, New Mexico. The water was low. but the guide instructed the group not to try to avoid the many rocks in the river. Much to their surprise, every time the raft bumped into a rock, it gently bounced off it, glided backward, then drifted on downstream with the current. Heard has since applied the rafting lesson to writing: “The obstacles I face – lack of time, too many projects at once- as well as the obstacles all writers face- rejection, criticism, doubts and insecurities, unfinished poems and stories- are impossible to avoid and can be valuable teachers. I can gather strength from them. They are inevitable parts of a writer’s life.” The poet went so far as to mount the slogan like a bumper sticker on her writing chair: Don’t try to avoid the rocks.


Don’t you love it?!

I think this book is just the encouragement (kick in the pants) I need!

Thanks to both of these ladies for blessing me!

Our hope in in Him,


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