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Interview ~ Hope Today Magazine

So, I’m playing with my friends on Twitter and I get this note that Hope Today Magazine would like to interview me…whatever!

I was shocked, then excited, then scared!

I get so nervous doing these interviews! I’m just sure that they will ask a question (like, “what is your name?”) and instead of coming up with a logical answer (like my name), I will panic and start saying “um, um, um” over and over again and then I will throw up.

Well, I have to tell you, Diana from Hope Today Magazine is about as sweet as a person could be and I really should have sent her flowers and candy for all the kind things she said to me. She gave me a huge compliment at the end of our interview and my response was to make some crazy noise like a cow makes when it’s sneezing because a piece of hay just got shoved up it’s nose.

Then at the end she asks about my legacy and I basically give my last dying words…”I want my family to know that I love them…” ~sigh~

But the good news is, I didn’t throw up. Thank you Dear Lord in heaven, I didn’t throw up.

And, I do want to thank them for the interview, that was most kind of them! In all my correspondence with them, they have been super professional and very encouraging!

So anyways, I told my Facebook friends about it yesterday, but here you go bloggy buddies…if the 9 of you (including my mom and mom-in-law) that read my blog would like to hear this…here’s my interview:

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