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It’s a Noisy World Out There

Hello! It’s been a while friends, I’ve missed this and I’m hoping to get back to some writing this year.

Can you believe that Praise and Coffee is 10 years old?!

Hmm…might be fun to do an Anniversary Magazine…??

Anyways. I’m still having fun doing my “Real Moms” segment on Star 105.7 with Tommy and Brook and have had the awesome opportunity to sit in live for Tommy a couple times. So. Much. Fun!

Also, having fun at Mezzo Coffee House and we opened a gift boutique with over 30 local merchants- adjoining Mezzo- called “Marketplace at Mezzo” in Sept. 2016 and wow, what a lot of work blast! My sweet friend Sarah Knash has been incredible…it would not be open without her.

My daughter Steph has also been a HUGE help at both the coffee house and Marketplace. She’s actually the reason I dusted off the blog today. She wrote a post that I think is so timely and I think it will be a blessing to you. Check it out: Just a Small Reminder

Looking forward to more connection with you this year! Look for more inspiration on our Praise and Coffee FB page.

Much love,


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