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Life is a Series of Moments

I am thankful. My family and friends give me reason to smile every day.

Even when I look back at the events in my life that brought intense pain, I see how they have served to mold me into the person I am. I was not always thankful for those times but I was thankful in them because I believed that God loved me and even if I couldn’t see His purposes at the time, I trusted in that love.

There were desperate days that I clung to the hem of His garment begging for things to change…and in His grace they didn’t. But that past pain has now brought depth and feeling to areas in my life that could have remained numb. It’s brought deep growth when complacentcy could have kept me shallow.

Most of all, it’s made me thankful. Embracing the good times with family and cherishing my sweet friends that I share laughter and tears with. Holding moments of love tightly in my heart and turning from the clutches of bitter unforgiveness and offense.

Life is a series of moments.

Don’t let the moments get lost in the momentum.

And laugh. Laugh a lot.

This is an entry from a my journal when Lauren was 5 years old…it still makes me laugh, I hope it brings a smile to your face today too.

Hearing loud music coming from her bedroom, I crack the door to hear Toby Keith blaring and see this child siting on the bed with her motorcycle helmet on surrounded by our two large dogs while “talking” on her cell phone. She looks up at me and says without a second’s hesitation…”oh good you can be the Grandma.”

I hope your Thanksgiving has many wonderful moments.

Much love, Sue

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