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Love You More

They say there is a special connection among families that adopt. I would have to agree. I felt that when reading this book by Jennifer Grant. It especially hit home as she already had 3 children when she adopted and I’ve faced some of the same looks and unsolicited advice from people in the grocery store. However, the gap in our kids age is so great that it is usually just Lauren and I, so I get the “oh you poor infertile woman” smile quite often. Sometimes I wish I had a shirt that says, “My other kid is 23.”

“Love You More: the Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter” is the story of a family that had a strong marriage and three happy healthy children yet still sensed something was missing. Yes, I can relate to that!

It’s exactly how we felt 7 years ago.

“Expanding my family by adoption pushed me into uncomfortable places, challenged my notions about what family means, and brought abiding happiness. Like all true ones, my story is comprised of joyful moments and times of deep longing and pain,” says Grant.

Love You More is an eye-opening look for readers to peer into the world of adoption. It is not only a beautiful story of God weaving a family together, but it serves a wonderful resource for anyone considering adoption.

Whether or not you have the nudgings of adoption, you will enjoy this book. It will warm your heart and wake the thankfulness we so often grow numb to in the everyday craziness of life.

Check out Jennifer Grant’s:

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