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Merry Christmas From My House!

As part of Boomama’s Tour of Homes, here’s mine:

First let me apologize, my camera was left at a friends house by the daughter and I had to use another one, sorry about the blurriness and poor quality- makes me crazy! But I had a deadline.

Welcome to my home,

so glad you’re finally here for coffee!

Twelve hours after this, I had a half foot of snow on the walk! 🙂

As we sit and sip our coffee with Nestle’s French Vanilla Cream (or hot cocoa if you prefer), you would see this on top of my cupboards, one of my favorite things-my violin (that I did not play but picked up at an estate sale!)

Please help yourself to a cookie- I promise they taste better than the picture looks!!! I had to pull these out of the freezer where they are hidden so the family doesn’t eat them all in one day! (Recipe at the end of post).

This is made from a few of last years Christmas cards:

This is our family room (note the wild 3 year old in the second picture!) 🙂

This is from the dining room, looking into the living room, catching the dog sleeping on the couch! “Get down from there Macy!” (Who am I fooling- she’s there all the time!)

And the tree!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Thank you Boomama for hosting this!

Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Cream together: 1 cup butter & 2 cups sugar

Mix: 2 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla Add to above.

Add: 1/2 tsp salt 4 tsp baking powder 3 1/2 cups flour Mix all together and refridgerate for 2 hours.

Roll out and cut into shapes. Bakc at 350* for 8-10 minutes.

Cool, top with icing and sprinkles.

Icing: 1 box powdered sugar 2-3 Tbls. melted butter 1 tsp ALMOND flavoring Dash of salt A little milk til you get the right texture.

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