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More Sunday Ramblings and an Exciting New Thing to Do

So it’s another Sunday ya’ll.

(I’m not sure where “ya’ll” comes from because I’m a Northerner. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life. But it’s possible that my hopeless adoration of big hair makes me channel my Southern self.)

I’m not planning as ridiculous post as last Sunday, but the night is young.

Today hubby is getting over the flu and is weak so it was easy to wrestle the remote from his clammy hands. Well, not really but he went upstairs to rest so Lauren and I are watching the Daytona 500. Well, technically I’m not watching it, but it’s on TV. I’m playing on my computer. Catching up on blogs and tweeting with all my wonderful friends around the world.

I love how the internet has connected us. I’m a big “connections” kind of gal.

In fact the tagline for the ministry of Praise and Coffee is “connect-encourage-inspire.” That’s my passion.

I’d like to put a little disclaimer under that that says, not: preach-teach-lead.

Don’t get me wrong, I CAN teach, sometimes I DO preach and I BELIEVE in good leadership, but really, my heart for the whole ministry of Praise and Coffee is to connect women and let the Lord do the amazing work He does in honest authentic -let’s live this thing out together- relationships.

Note: to state what I hope is obvious, I have the utmost respect for ministries that do teach, preach and lead…just sharing my heart for this ministry.

Which brings me to another thought (careful, we take sharp turns on this blog!)…

There are: Praise and Coffee Nights Praise and Coffee Magazine Praise and Coffee Runs (go to the main website to see more about these: Praise and Coffee)

and now- in our quest for world domination- we are adding:

Praise and Coffee Cooks!

NO, not a cookbook. Oh for the love of donuts, there are plenty of cooking blogs out there doing a morethanfantastic job, I’m not re-inventing the wheel or the donut as it may be.

This will be to encourage women to get together with one-two or three girlfriends and prepare a full meal to bring home to their family that night.

Of course this adventure should include lots of coffee drinking, laughing and letting the kids play.

I am sure that as you get together, you will also sharpen one another and realize that you’re not in this dance of life alone.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

Denise and I making The Pioneer Woman’s lasagna, it was incredible!!!

Denise and I have done this a few times and just loved it. AND may I add, our husbands were thrilled too! They even ask us now…”when are you two going to get together and cook again?”

Denise is actually the one that will be leading this new venture. Which primarily means that she’ll be encouraging you all to do it, take pictures, send them to us and tell us how much fun you had!

There is no big sign-up or registration, we’re not building an empire girls, remember:


We just want you to do it and see what happens.

We will have a special section in future magazines to show your beautiful faces and meals off, so stay tuned.

Here is a link to the info on our webpage: Praise and Coffee Cooks

And of course, check out our FB page and add your pics there too!!! Praise and Coffee Cooks on Facebook

Well, that’s all I have right now. I have to go save the dog. Lauren is flipping a coin and yelling “heads or tails?!”

The pup is about to get a quarter between the eyes…

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