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My 300th post!!!

(To the girls who I had dinner with last night…thank you, I had a blast!!!) I scooted right by my 200th post without noticing , so I thought I’d catch this one. Who knew I had so much to say….(my husband rolls his eyes and shakes his head).

So for my 300th post I thought I would start listing all the colors my hair has been…. ok, no that would take too long. I know, I’ll sing for you….yeah, that’s not working so great either.

Well, I’m plumb out of ideas, so I am going to once again, take a big risk and invite you to ask me questions like I did for my 100th post. I must say though…you were relentless! Feel free to ask me about my favorite flower if you like! 🙂

Leave me a question in the comments and I’ll answer in the comments. Please be gentle. No anonymous questions! 🙂

And can I tell you that I have loved “meeting” you all. Blogging has been a blast for me, especially because I am normally sipping a cup of coffee while in my jammies reading your comments! Thanks for being such an encouragment to me, you’ve gotten me through some rough times.

Hugs, Sue Don’t forget to sign up below at the giveaway so I can bless YOU!

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