My Diagosis…

Well, it was a rough weekend girls!

I been in a lot of pain in my hands and arms, especially at night. There’s nothing like walking around the race track at 3AM because I can’t get feeling in my hands and the pain was so great that I thought I would pass out. If we had not been so far from home, I would have gone onto emergency for sure.

I ended up going into the doctor this morning and he believes I have carpal tunnel. I can’t believe I overlooked all the obvious symptoms, but a couple months ago I asked our family doctor if I could have it and he didn’t think so. Therefore I never looked into it. Now that I have looked it up, the symptoms are classic.

So, I will keep up on the Two shall become One~ Tuesday posts and the monthly giveaways, but will otherwise be taking a bit of a break. I am typing this now with splints on and it is not easy-but you’re worth it! 🙂

Thanks for all the prayers, I am relieved with the answer as my mind (and the enemy) was having a hay-day with my concern about the symptoms. My heart goes out to those with chronic pain.

My hope is in Him! Sue

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