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One More Spring Break Staycation Idea!

Happy Spring Break!!

If you would like to hear the segment, click on my STAR 105.7 page.

Last week we talked about stay-cation ideas, this week I have one more… it’s a great time to teach our kids to (TOY) think outside themselves and GIVE.

We have all these great ideas to entertain the kids and keep them having fun but let’s also use that time to remind them that right in our community there are huge needs and we can be a blessing to someone else and show our kids the awesome gift of giving to others.

Make a meal or treats or even an Easter basket for: *Someone who’s just had a baby or has a loved one is in the hospital *Firemen *Senior citizens

Another way to mix spring cleaning in with giving is to go through drawers and donate clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Be brave Moms, dump that dresser drawer right out on the bed and go through it together. Give it to someone you know or a local organization that distributes clothing.

And one place that is very dear to my heart is helping women in crisis situations. Women who go to shelters to escape domestic abuse often come with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

They are often in need of such things as:

  1. Car Seats

  2. Diaper and wipes

  3. Backpacks

  4. Coloring/activity books and crayons

  5. Pajamas

  6. Slippers

  7. Socks and underwear

  8. Toys

  9. Twin sheet sets

  10. Twin size blankets and comforters

  11. Bed pillows

  12. Twin size pillow covers

  13. Towel sets

  14. Dishcloths

  15. Mattress pads and covers

  16. Bathroom rugs

  17. Pack-n-Play mattress pad and fitted sheet

Click here for a list of women’s shelters and their needs in Michigan:

And if you are a woman in crisis, please reach out: Nation Domestic Abuse Hotline

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