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Radio, Magazine and Online, a 3 Part-er!

Part 1:

It’s Tuesday so that means that it’s time for my “Real Moms of West Michigan” post!

And I have to tell you, I phoned this one in, literally! I was in the parking lot of a MOPS group in Coopersville waiting to go in and speak to the group as I shared this with Tommy and Brook.

Today I talked with Tommy and Brook about one simple word: remember.

Remember what it was like to be little. Remember the things you worried about. Remember how it felt when you mom was too busy or always on the phone. Remember how it felt when mom and dad argued. Remember how it felt when you parents took you somewhere special. Remember how it felt when your parents cheered for you!

Sometimes it helps to put ourselves in the place of our kids and think about how they feel, it just might help us to be a better mom.

Remember, simply remember.

To listen to the segment, click on the Star 105.7 tab.

Part 2:

The Spring Praise and Coffee Magazine is out! We focused on moms this issue so we have some great articles and encouragement for mothers.

Also some great stuff about marriage from Sheila Gregoire and Lori Byerly!

And some wonderful fashion input from Andy Paige, yes THE Andy Paige that you’ve seen on the TODAY show and TLC and heard on Star 105.7!

We hope it connects, encourages and inspires you!!

And Part 3:

Don’t forget to join us for our online Praise and Coffee Night this Thursday!

To join us, click on this link at 7pm EST or 7pm PST: Online Praise and Coffee Night Webinar

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