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Terror, Baked Beans and a Radio Show

Good morning girlfriends!

If you want to skip all the bunny trails on this post, just click over here to read my article today at the cafe’:

But if you’re willing to take a plunge, here we go.

So, how is your week going so far? Mine’s pretty good. I’ve been getting ready for my buddies to come. Melissa and Ronel are getting on planes tomorrow to come hang out here in Michigan for a few days with me. There will be much coffee drinking, giggling and probably some tears involved. That’s life with girlfriends.

And sometimes with daughters…like last night when my daughter and I were watching tv.

My husband, bless his sweet heart, has a cold. A terrible cold. He’s a hot mess when his sinuses decide to rebel on him. Red face, sniffly, coughing and blotchy.

Well, he went to bed early and Steph and I sat up watching old Burn Notice re-runs that she missed. I love Burn Notice, probably because Fiona is my alter ego. Or because I love her shoes. What’s cooler than blowing things up while running around on 6 in wedges?

Anyways, my husband yells down from upstairs, “Sue? Will you warm up the beans.”

I immediately pictured the pot on the stove from dinner, half full of baked beans. Yes, I left the dinner dishes. In this house, with grown children (and their girlfriends), I never know when someone might sweep through the kitchen and eat the leftovers.

And, I was lazy. Words With Friends was much more appealing than dish pan hands.

But, I was surprised that he was hungry for baked beans at 10pm. And then he added, “so I can put them on my face.”

This really threw me until after a very confused few seconds I realized he meant the BAG of beans that you warm up in the microwave and put on the parts of your body that hurt. The warmth is soothing for sinuses.

But with wrinkled face I looked at Steph and whispered, “I thought he meant the baked beans.” We both sat there and laughed our heads off a few minutes until I jumped up to warm the beans for him.

It was funny. But hubby didn’t think so. It could have been the intense pain and burning sensation in his head. Or, and this is more likely, that he is not nearly as easily amused as I.

So anyway… I’m planning on lots of giggly girl fun this week and I hope you can join us when we do our online radio show.

It’s really easy to chat LIVE with us (chatting=typing on your computer). Just click on the link at 11 AM EST and the show will come through on your speakers. Click here to hang with us: Praise and Coffee Radio Show And if you miss the show, you will be able to go back and listen later.

Hope you have a great day! Sue

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