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The March Winner and Life with 4 Boys!


The March Praise and Coffee Winner is:

LadySnow Congratulations!!!!

Thanks to all who entered, come back again April 1st for another giveaway!


And here’s another guest post from my good friend Denise

(click on pic to visit her blog)!

Where is my birthday?

Our youngest turned three this month. I found out it’s hard to describe to a three year old that it’s his birthday. I put a Happy Birthday banner above his chair at the table so he could see it when he came down for breakfast. All he knew about his day is everyone was singing one of his favorite songs and he wanted a Bob the Builder cake at some point. As we were taking his older brothers to school that morning, our birthday boy asked us all a question not one of us could answer….

“Where is my birthday?”

We tried to tell him his birthday was the whole day. All day. But he couldn’t see it and so he was sure that it was not his birthday.

As I thought about that later throughout the day, trying to figure out how to explain ‘today is your birthday’, I got to thinking it’s kinda like God.

Stick with me here!

How do you explain to someone that God is everywhere and in you and in Heaven? If you do know, explain this to me because we have tried to explain it to our boys at various times. You know there is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but you can’t see them. They are there, there is no doubt.

As there is faith. I love describing faith like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it, you see the evidence of it, you know it is there.

I tried this with our birthday boy. See, you can see the birthday banner. Here is your cake. Open your presents. It IS your birthday today!

This seemed to work. Not like any child is turning away a gift to say ‘nope, I don’t think it’s my birthday so I won’t open this gift”.

The very next morning, I had put away the birthday banner. All the wrapping paper and new gift boxes were thrown away. Our new three year old came bouncing down the steps (very rarely does he walk slowly), burst into the dining room and promptly began to wail. I thought he had stepped on a piece of plastic toy from the night before. Nope, we found out. It was that the birthday banner was gone. “I not three! I just two!” he wailed.

So, how do you explain that one? Without the birthday banner, he was sure it was not his birthday and he had not even turned three.

But you know that can be like us too. Not surrounded by believing friends or in our church environment, or on our own Bible study in our home, we doubt greatly. A tough situation comes upon us and doubts pound us. Are we really saved? Is God really in control? Does God really care?

But the truth is, God is there. He is in control, even in the darkest moments.

Just like my little guy is really three, whether he has a birthday banner or not.

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