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The Power of Christmas ~ The Star

The Power of Christmas Part 1

This time of the year can be so tiring and overwhelming. I spent several hours yesterday out braving the crowds to get the bulk of my shopping done (I also indulged in my favorite, a caramel/ vanilla latte… so it was a good day!). But now I have a laundry room full of boxes and bags that need to be wrapped.

Instead of letting this season takes it’s toll on me, I want to make an effort to find my Savior in this Christmas season. No matter how hard the forces of evil try to take away the power of Christmas they can’t mute how God, our Amazing Creator will reveal Himself to those who are looking!

So I am going to look at some of the symbols of Christmas that speak such a life-giving and hope filled story to us!

The first one is a star. We see gold and silver stars all over at this time of year, but there was a star that represented such JOY…

Matt 2:9-11 9 After meeting with King Herod the wise men went their way.

Once again the star appeared to them,

guiding them to Bethlehem.

It went ahead of them and stopped

over the place where the child was. 10 When they saw the star, they were filled with joy! Why were they filled with such joy?

These men had studied and knew that there would be a King born.

They had followed the star from the East and put their lives aside to find this new King.

I believe that when they saw that star over Bethlehem, there hearts leaped because they knew…

IT’S TRUE! HE’S HERE! Just take in that moment with them…I’ll just bet they gasped as they realized that all that they’d hoped for…was true.

The King had come! And they were filled with joy!

Christmas can be a very sad and lonely time for some. My heart goes out to the many hurting hearts this season. It can bring on depression…..but NOT if you have a heart that is filled with joy because you realize, maybe for the very first time….

It’s TRUE. He DID come. He came for me. These men saw the star and all their hopes and dreams were fulfilled, and in the same way, when we come to that place of understanding what THIS (this season) is really all about…..we can be filled with joy!

When we GET that….when we really, really GET THAT… depression CAN’T rule in our hearts…because we have HOPE!

10 When they saw the star, they were filled with joy

Next time you see a star- remember their joy and let it fill YOU with joy!

Psalms 105:3 Glory in His Holy Name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. NIV I will continue this series online, but if you would like to hear the message that I shared in it’s entirety, email me your home address and I will send you a copy of the CD (no charge).

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