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The Tomb Was Dark, but the Resurrection Changed It All!

Do things look hopeless? Does it seem that your circumstances have gotten so bad that there is no way it can get better now?

A marriage that seems lost.

A loved one headed in the wrong direction- maybe even leading others in that direction.

A business/job/career that appears it will never come back from ruins.

To look at the situation…it’s dead.

Void of life or hope.

Not only dead, but buried.

You might even say that a stone has been rolled over the entrance to any possiblity of things turning around.

That is where the message of Easter brings us HOPE!

It looked bad, it looked really bad. Jesus was dead. He had been buried.

But on the third day, the stone was rolled away and He showed us what it meant to be the Resurrection and the Life.

This is the reason we hope!

When all looks dead and gone…there is hope for resurrection.

The darkness of the tomb is never forgotten, but wonderfully overshadowed by the resurrection of Easter!!!

Have a wonderful time with family and friends this Easter!

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