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The Winner and a San Diego update!

I just arrived in San Diego, as in- I just got to the hotel and plugged in the computer when I realized that in all the hullabaloo about coming to California, I forgot to draw a winner for the February Praise and Coffee Giveaway.

So I asked my traveling buddy Norma to pick a number for me and Sydney from “ Sydney’s Life ” is the winner!

Congrats Sydney!!!

If I’m yelling it’s because I can’t hear with all the plugged-up-edness that’s in my ears from the airlplane. And if that made any sense to you, we should do coffee because you’re just a goofy as I am!

I’m super excited about tomorrow night’s Praise and Coffee Night in Santee, and if you are in the area I hope you come on out, I’d love to meet you! Check out the Praise and Coffee Nights page for more info.

Oh and I’ll be tweeting about our trip while we’re out here so click on the link (upper left) and follow along. Feel free to jump in with silly comments anytime!

Love ya girls!

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