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Tonight! Our First Online Praise and Coffee Night!

You asked for it, our first ever Praise and Coffee Night online!

We’ll be sharing our hearts abour marriage, motherhood and mentoring!

You will be connecting in the chat and winning prizes!! It won’t be exactly like one of our local events but we still want to connect, encourage and inspire you.

Time: 7:00pm EST AND then 7:00pm PST…yes two separate events! Click on this link to join us: Online Praise and Coffee Webinar

Enter as a guest and type in your name when prompted.

We will be taking some questions and input so be ready with your audio and video if you’d like to jump in! (We won’t be able to get to everyone but hope to get to as many as possible 🙂

We will be posting some questions (before and after the webinars) and looking for your input on our Praise and Coffee Nights Facebook page, so be sure to join the conversation there too!! Hop over and check it out now!

And if you would like to know more about starting your own Praise and Coffee Night in your community, check out our ebook:

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

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