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Two shall become One ~ Different Day, Same Argument


Do you have certain issues that seem to keep coming up in your marriage? Things that bother you or your spouse and continue to surface again and again.

We sure did! I will just tell on myself here because I would never tattle on my hubby! And I have way more annoying habits than he does anyway.

One of our issues was the checkbook…I would constantly forget to balance it and just try to remember in my head how much was there. That didn’t go over well and I can’t tell you how many times it became an area of contention!

Or my lack of keeping up on the laundry… I know you’re all staring at me in disbelief and crushed that I am not the perfect wife, get over it- I’m human! 🙂

Seriously, we have had so many silly little arguments in the past about things that could easily have been prevented with a little forethought on my part.

What about you? Are you letting the little things bring strife and irritation into your marriage?

I do not want you to tell me all the annoying habits of your husband or the things he does that constantly cause arguments. I want to encourage you to look in the mirror and see where you do things that you KNOW will irritate him and cause an argument.

We can’t change our spouse, nor should we try. But we can change us. We can choose to get those things done….or stop doing certain things….or maybe stop being over annoyed at his things.

You might not like this post today, but your kids will thank me (they hate it when Mom and Dad argue)!

I’m praying for our marriages, Sue

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