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Two shall become One ~ Fireproof Your Marriage


Remember Facing the Giants?? Well, they’re doing it again. The movie making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church have produce another movie.

Has Your House Ever Been On “Fire”?

The truths presented in the upcoming Fireproof, set to release September 26 in select theaters, will likely have an effect on everyone who sees it considering 90% of people get married. Fireproof is far from a chick-flick about an empty romance, and marriage is at the heart of its message. It’s about unconditional love and the transforming power of Christ in the lives of husbands and wives. “Most movies are about relationships that lead to marriage,” Catt said. “Fireproof picks up seven years into a marriage headed for divorce.

And the question is: Why stay together?”

“This movie is about fireproofing your most important earthly relationship,” said Jim McBride, executive pastor of Sherwood and executive producer of Fireproof. Doing so is much like adhering to the firefighter’s credo: “Never leave your partner behind, especially in a fire.”

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Let’s promote this movie all over our blogs!!

I’m praying for our marriages, Sue

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