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Want Smart Kids?


From my segment on Star 105.7 with Tommy and Brook… Listen to segment here: Real Moms: Want Smart Kids?

We know that the library needs to be our friend all summer, but did you know that the smart kids are doing more than reading? (Please library loving people, forgive me…you know I would never tell them to really put down books…but just take a deep breath and open your hearts 🙂 )

That’s right, they’re doing crafts!

Creativity is just as important as reading. So, give them some supplies and a little direction and let their imaginations go wild.

When kids create, it stimulates the right side of their brain and…well, makes them smart!

I need to give a disclaimer here, I am NOT crafty. I want to be. I have glue guns, paints and supplies. But I’m just a poser. I’m the kid whose watercolor landscapes always turned into brown mountains with grey skies.

But our kids don’t care, and perfection is not part of life for Real Moms, so just have fun with it, get messy and let the kids create. It’s summer, hose them off when they’re done! It’s all good.

Here are a few ideas for you, because I couldn’t come up with anything beyond popsicle stick people:

My friend Korene has a great craft page here:  CRAFTREDO

I also have some fantastic ideas from crafty type people for you on my Pinterest Page in the “Parenting and Kid Stuff” board.

So, let’s do some crafts this summer and grow some smart kids!

If you’re not in the West Michigan area you can listen to my segments every Tuesday at 7:05 AM EST live on iHeart Radio anywhere in the world!

Check out Tommy and Brook’s page online at West Michigan STAR: Tommy and Brook

Their Facebook page: Tommy and Brook

And their Twitter: @TommyAndBrook

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